Patriot Solar, Inc

About Us

Patriot Solar, Inc. has performed the engineering design and implementation for the past 7 years for a variety of customers including agencies, Indian tribes and private owners. Dale Gray, President / Founder of Patriot Solar, was the Director of Project Development for Utility Scale On Grid Projects for First Solar in Germany and worked on the design / implementation and financing on over 40MW of solar systems including large 5 – 10 MW ground mounted systems to 100KW to 1 MW rooftop systems across both East and West Germany. Patriot Solar was originally a division of Patriot Towers, Inc., as a result of the increased project volume from the PV solar area. Patriot Solar is an Arizona based and also nationally and internationally recognized solar engineering and construction company with expertise in design, engineering, site construction, and system operations / maintenance. Patriot is licensed for both engineering and construction in the State of Arizona providing an integrated team that provides value engineering designs based upon their construction expertise. Patriot Solar specializes in the deployment of medium and large scale projects from 25KW to 30MW. The company also provides environmental, geotechnical, mounting system and rooftop structural engineering and construction services with offices in Arizona, Texas, California and project offices across the country. Patriot has crews working on projects in Arizona, Texas, California, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado as well as large system deployment efforts in Germany and Spain.


The Patriot Approach uses project schedule requirements, long lead time procurement integration, with nation-wide design and build expertise to provide a lower cost solution to the infrastructure deployment effort. Our nationwide experience, vendor qualifications and local knowledge bring a strong team member to the short term deployment efforts. Our experience over hundreds of projects of a variety of sizes in virtually every physical environment provides a level of expertise not found in many companies.


Our construction efforts include a strong emphasis on safety, quality and on-time performance. Our internal quality assurance inspections procedures often results in zero-punch list construction acceptance because it has be accepted by us, before it is even inspected by you. Our national buying power allows us lower prices and great turnaround time on long lead time items like modules, inverters, and combiner boxes.